Type 1-9 cable

Type 1-9 cable
   IBM Cabling System specifications, as follows:
   • Type 1
   Shielded, twisted, dual-pair cable with 22-gauge solid conductors type-ahead buffer and a braided shield. Used with Token Ring networks.
   • Type 2
   Two-pair, shielded cable with solid conductors and a braided shield. Type 2 also includes four pairs of unshielded voice-grade lines, giving a total of six pairs in the same sheath.
   • Type 3
   Four unshielded, solid, twisted pairs, used for voice or data. IBM's variant of twisted-pair telephone wire.
   • Type 4
   No published specification.
   • Type 5
   Dual 100/140 micron fiber-optic cable; IBM now recommends 125-micron fiber-optic cable, which is the current industry standard for fiber-optic cable.
   • Type 6
   Shielded, two-pair, braided cable used for patch cables. Type 6 is more flexible than Type 1 cable.
   • Type 7
   No published specification.
   • Type 8
   Shielded, dual-pair cable with no twists, housed in a flat jacket; commonly used under carpets.
   • Type 9
   Shielded, dual-pair, plenum cable with solid or braided conductors and a fire-resistant outer coating, for use between floors in a building.

Dictionary of networking . 2014.